About the Inhibitor Working Group

The Inhibitor Working Group (IWG) coordinates the activities of the European Inhibitor Network. This group of volunteers consists of patients, health care providers and patient organisation representatives. The IWG is in charge of overseeing the EIN programme, and it collaborates closely with EHC NMOs.

Here, you can meet the Inhibitor Working Group!

Enea Atroce
Swiss NMO

Christina Burgess
United Kingdom

Miguel Crato
Portuguese NMO

Mirko Jokic
Serbian NMO

Mihaela Ioana Malita
Romanian NMO

Maria Elisa Mancuso

Jim O’Leary
Irish NMO

Teresa Pereira
Portuguese NMO


The work of the EHC IWG is supported by Kristine Jansone, EHC Community Programmes Officer.