The Von Willebrand Disease (VWD) Working Group was set up in 2020 to lead the ‘EHC VWD Platform for Europe.’ This platform promotes the formation of a European community of people with von Willebrand Disease (PwVWD) enabling them to find support and ‘identity’ while also promoting, building, and maintaining a network of European VWD advocates. The Working Group also aims to increase and improve diagnosis and treatment options nationally and enable those VWD advocates to work at the European level and with other European partners towards improving access to treatment and care for all PwVWD.

The EHC VWD Working Group is composed of:

Shannon Carey
Irish NMO

Manon Degenaar-Dujardin
Dutch NMO

Sunjeev Maini

Donal Mc Cann
Irish NMO

Julia Rauscher
Austrian NMO

Joanne Traunter

Baiba Ziemele
Latvian NMO


The work of the EHC IWG is supported by Daria Mironova, EHC Communications and Education Lead.