EHC Now! Nastassia Kisialeva joins EHC’s team

The EHC team is delighted to welcome Nastassia Kisialeva who joins us as Communications and Public Policy Officer. Nastassia or Nastia - as she's nicknamed - will work together with Laura Savini to support EHC's communications and public policy activities. As the EHC heads into a strategic retreat this weekend to look at its work [...]

EHC Now! Be part of our team – EURO 2020: Adapted Football & Physical Activity Camp!

EHC Now! Be part of our team – EURO 2020: Adapted Football & Physical Activity Camp! As you can see 2020 is going to be a big & busy year for the EHC with many events and activities to support, empower, educate and build lasting friendships in our community!! In this week’s EHC Now! we […]

EHC Workshop on New Technologies in Haemophilia Care 2019

Over the past weekend some 70 delegates from across Europe gathered in sunny Athens to hear all about the latest advances in new treatments in haemophilia. This was the seventh edition of the workshop and the most attended, which underscores the growing interest and educational need. This workshop is one of several activities developed by [...]

EHC Now! Have you ever heard of the “Stiff-Ankle Society”?

Apparently, they are very popular in Denmark and were broadly talked about in the Nordic meeting that took place from 15-17 November in Copenhagen, Denmark. Also, EHC Community Programmes Officer Fiona Brennan and recently-retired Jo Eerens were privileged to attend this meeting and hear all about the activities of the NMOs! In this week’s edition […]

EHC Now! Patient education taken to a whole new level

THREE, TWO, ONE – LET IT RIP! Patient education taken to a whole new level! Pegasus special move – Storm Bringer!!! If you are a parent of a 9-year old, you surely have gone through the phase of Beyblade! Or you may be familiar with One Piece or Dragon Ball, if there are teenagers in […]

EHC Now! Meet EHC newest member, the Haemophilia Association of Uzbekistan

During its 2019 General Assembly, EHC members voted to accept the Haemophilia Association of Uzbekistan as EHC 48th member. In this week EHC Now, we interview its President, Mrs Lilya Zinikova, to discover more about the association and the reasons behind joining the EHC. The interview is in Russian with English subtitles (make sure to [...]

Germany passes a new law on the distribution of haemophilia treatment products

Above, participants at the EHC February 2019 Round Table in which representatives from the German NMO presented on the new German legislative proposal.  Germany passes a new law that moves the distribution of haemophilia products from treatment centres to pharmacies A legislative proposal could have harmed haemophilia care in Germany, but thanks to the work [...]

EHC Now! EHC General Assembly elects a new President

On Friday 4 October, the General Assembly of the European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC) elected a new President, Mr Declan Noone. He replaces Mr Brian O'Mahony, who served for eight years as EHC President and 12 years as Steering Committee member. For this week, EHC Now! we give you a farewell message from Brian O'Mahony and [...]

EHC Now! EHC releases the second edition of 2019 of its New Products Newsletter

The European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC) releases today another edition of its newsletter on 'Novel treatments in haemophilia and other bleeding disorders: A periodic EHC review.' This publication comes ahead of the EHC’s 32nd scientific conference taking place on 4-6 October in Skopje, North Macedonia. Through this document, prepared by the EHC New Products Review (NPR) [...]

EHC Now! Navigating through a transformed European landscape

Taking stock: the European elections In May 2019 the citizens of the European Union cast their vote and chose a new European Parliament. With the highest turnout in the last twenty years - slightly over 50% - these elections featured a general rebuff of traditional mainstream parties. A much-feared move to the right did not [...]