EHC Now! Clinical trials in focus

Three years ago, while filming short videos explaining European Inhibitor Network, we were looking forward with great hope for treatment options for people with inhibitors to finally become available, after years of very limited choice. What is available today for people with inhibitors would have not been possible without all those who took part in […]

EHC Now! EHC’s World Haemophilia Day Ceremonies and Launch of Every Day is a Winding Road #EHCelebrate from Dublin

For photos of the event, see HERE Officially, World Haemophilia Day is April 17. This is the birthday of World Haemophilia Foundation founder, Frank Schnabel. EHC celebrates this event a day earlier to accommodate a world-wide week of activity. On April 16 from Dublin, members of our community gathered to honour not only World Haemophilia [...]

EHC Now! Youth Leadership Workshop, Amsterdam, April 5 – 7, 2019

It’s appropriate that the Youth Leadership Workshop concluded on World Health Day (April 7). Healthcare is a universal right and EHC is part of the global effort to ensure that all patients, regardless of their nationality, economic background or health status, receive the care they deserve. The Youth Leadership Workshop aims to train the next [...]

EHC Now! Help the EHC count kilometers #thisway to #EHC2019 by promoting physical activity in your NMO

Back in the 1970’s haemophilia patients were advised to avoid exercising to minimise the risk of bleeding. The consequences of limited physical activity such as obesity and loss of bone density were, however, quite damaging and in the long term caused more bleeds. Today, five decades later, the tables have turned and physical activity is [...]

EHC Now! Have you seen the new EHC.EU?

Have you seen the new EHC.EU? You might have noticed some changes! As part of our branding and long-term strategy planning, EHC has begun to push for standardisation of all its communications and publications. Part of this process has been a refocus and upgrade of out primary site, After a stabilisation and maintenance upgrade, [...]

EHC Now! Registration Opens for June 20 – 23 Leadership Conference

Our community is asking for and should demand the best out of all of us. Leadership should be no different. Registration has officially opened for the June 20 - 23, 2019 EHC Leadership Conference. The purpose of the EHC Leadership Conference is to bring together the full EHC community through different key leaders and staff [...]

EHC Now! The EHC Youth Fellowship Programme Launches its First Project

The EHC works hard to invest in patient advocacy and developing leadership skills for the future. For this reason we have built a comprehensive youth leadership strategy which actively encourages and includes the training and participation of young members of our community throughout EHC programmes and events. As part of this strategy, we are delighted [...]

EHC Now! An interview with EHC’s new Communications Officer, Charles Kinney

EHC Now! with Charles KinneyClick to read this interview

EHC Now! Happy 1/2 Hour

Do not hesitate to ask the expert! We all have faced situations where we hesitate to ask our questions due to various reasons – too many people around, our children nearby, too little time or other obstacles. The European Inhibitor Network of the EHC offers its members the possibility to avoid at least some of [...]

EHC Now! Round Table – The Future of Comprehensive Care and Outcomes in Haemophilia

Brussels, 20.2.19, Round Table The Future of Comprehensive Care and Outcomes in Haemophilia EHC is pleased to bring two perspectives from the near capacity Round Table today in Brussels The Honourable MEP Gesine Meissner and MEP Norica Nicolai graciously hosted a Round Table at the European Parliament. Ms. Meissner said, “The true value of the [...]