EHC 2021 Calendar of events

We are pleased to share our calendar of events for 2021! Save the dates and get ready to join us virtually for moments of education, information, experience sharing, advocacy and fun!

Interview with Cees Smit, author of ‘Surviving hemophilia’

Cees Smit is not only a 70-year-old man with haemophilia, he is a renowned patient-advocate, a writer, a ‘survivor’ and one of the founding pillars of the EHC community. In his latest book Surviving hemophilia we are told his story, the one marked by the tragedy of HIV, hepatitis C and tremendous changes and crises in [...]

EHC Now! President of Azeri NMO shares his impressions about the latest EHC Leadership Conference

In this week's EHC Now, we discuss the take aways from EHC 2020 online Leadership Conference with the President of the Azeri National Member Organisation. Ayaz shares his thoughts and impressions - in Russian!- with you in this video.  Do not forget to activate the CC option for subtitles in English

Treatment options for WBD

Just over three weeks ago, the EHC held two webinars focused on women with rare bleeding disorders looking at the management of heavy menstrual bleeding and access to specialised care for women with rare bleeding disorders. One of the most recurring questions on these topics is access to treatment and treatment options for women with rare [...]

EHC Women and Bleeding Disorders Webinars now online

On 28 and 29 May 2020, the European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC) held two webinars on women and bleeding disorders. The first webinar tackled issues regarding the management of heavy menstrual bleeding in women with bleeding disorders and the second one dealt with access to haemophilia comprehensive care services for women with bleeding disorders. Both webinars [...]

Can’t stop us now! Find out what are the EHC youth up to in EHC Now!

Can’t stop us now – we’re having such a good time!! In this week’s EHC Now! we talk about youth related activities and what our youth are getting up to in the last few months!! A lot has changed with regard to our activities and events for 2020 but the EHC, our NMOs and in […]

EHC Now! Some things never change!

In this week’s EHC Now! we want to shine a light on some things that have not changed for our community despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Importance of seeking medical attention! It has been reported that people across Europe are avoiding seeking medical attention for many illnesses due to fears of exposing themselves to the virus, […]

When life gives you lemons… or how we adapted to the new reality of COVID-19 crisis

2020 has been an extraordinary year. Not only because it has been the start of a new decade, but also because the majority of it has been hijacked by the COVID-19 crisis, and looking into the short-term future we are not promised a swift return to what the lives that we are used to. The […]

EHC Now! Discussions on Psychological wellbeing in times of COVID-19

The unprecedented lockdown situation we are all experiencing has direct implications on our everyday life and some less perceptible but still significant consequences on our mental wellbeing and psychosocial balance. Reasons for stress abound in current COVID-19 pandemic: there is fear of infection for ourselves but also for our loved ones, the overall uncertainty and [...]

EHC Now! Checking-in with Declan Noone, EHC President

In this week's EHC Now, we interview the EHC President, Declan Noone, on his first seven months in this role and on how the organisation had to adapt to the global pandemic. Listen to Declan's interview here: