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EHCelebrating 30 Years of Service

Send us an EHC videogram or wish us happy birthday in ANY language (we love those!).

Happy birthday, с Днем рожденья, bon anniversaire,    gratulerer med dagen…EHC!

Send us a free electronic EHC videogram!

We want to enable as many people as possible to share their views about what good comprehensive haemophilia care is and what it can be.

How does this work?

  • On desk or lap top, click RECORD VIDEO . On mobile phones, first record a video with your phone camera, and then click RECORD OR SELECT A VIDEO, choose your video, and then click UPLOAD. You’ll see DONE! when it’s uploaded.
  • Push red button to start; push red button to finish.
  • Allow EHC.EU to record if necessary.
  • You may have to allow CHROME or your browser to use your camera under SYSTEM PREFERENCES/SETTINGS: CAMERA: PRIVACY (just click the CHROME or your browser box).
  • Tell us your story or wish us happy birthday.
  • Record up to three minutes.
  • How do I know if my EHC videogram was saved? SAVED will appear after you stop video recording.
  • You can replay and review your video.
  • Can I send more than one EHC videogram? Absolutely!
  • By sending a video you understand the terms and conditions below and EHC’s Media and Photography policy HERE.
  • Thank you! You will now receive that warm, fuzzy feeling knowing you did something good today.

What will you do with my video?

  • We might display it on our website and social media.
  • We might use it for a super-cool extended video for our 30th Gala Celebration.
  • IMPORTANT! We’ll say your country and first name for public display but won’t reveal your contact details.

Want to send us a written greeting instead of a videogram?

Find it HERE.

Important stuff about terms of use and conditions for a submission:

By submitting any EHCcard, photograph or video, you acknowledge and understand European Haemophilia Consortium’s (EHC) photography and standards policy found HERE and are acknowledging that you accept these terms and conditions, and that you understand our Data Privacy Policy.

(1) EHCards become the property of EHC. Copyright and all other interests in each EHCard will be and are hereby assigned to EHC.

(2) EHC may use the EHCards freely, including – without limitation –

(a) to reproduce the photograph or video for display online, in printed publications and in public exhibitions to raise awareness of EHC, haemophilia and rare bleeding disorders;

(b) to prepare derivative works based upon the photograph or video;

(c) to distribute copies of the photograph or video to the public;

(d) to display the photograph or video publicly.

(3) EHC confirms that it will not disclose the participants’ contact details to anyone else without consent, unless required by law.

(4) All EHCards must be original and a creation of the participant. Copying or use of any pre-existing image on the EHCards is not acceptable. Any EHCards that are not original (e.g. exhibiting third-party brand names or photos owned by a person other than the participant) may not be used. EHC will not be held responsible for any third-party claim against it in connection with use of the postcards.

(5) EHC reserves the right not to use or display any EHCard at its discretion, including where it is considered offensive or harmful to the reputation of EHC. EHC may also remove an EHCard from display at its discretion, including where a potential claim or alleged claim against it for use of the EHCard arises (see 4 above).

(6) If you have any questions please contact communications@ehc.eu.

Image courtesy of Charles Kinney | EHC - European Haemophilia Consortium