The European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC) is an international non-profit organisation registered in Belgium (No. 887.106.966). The EHC statutes are available in English and French.

The EHC is governed by a General Assembly composed of representatives from all National Member Organisations (NMOs). Between General Assemblies, the EHC’s activities are overseen by a Steering Committee elected by the General Assembly and composed of a President, Vice-President, Finance and Steering Committee members. The EHC’s work and activities are run out of a Brussels-based office by a small team of professional staff.

The EHC is supported by a Medical Advisory Group (MAG). Established in 2009, the MAG is composed of key medical and scientific experts in haemophilia and other rare bleeding disorders. They provide high-level medical and scientific input, support, guidance and strategic advice to the EHC Steering Committee and staff. The MAG also provides input on the scientific programme of the EHC Annual Conference and the programmes of other EHC events, including its Round Tables of Stakeholders.

The work of the EHC would not be possible without the support of dozens of volunteers from around Europe who generously offer their time and energy to make the EHC’s activities possible.