Pictures from the 2022 European Rare and Inhibitor Summit

In December 2022, the European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC) held its first European Rare and Inhibitor Summit in Barretstown, Ireland. The event attracted close to 100 volunteers from across Europe for three days of scientific sessions, workshops, community-building exercises and outdoor activities. Through this event, the EHC wishes to serve a subset of the rare bleeding [...]

EHC Think Tank 2022 Activity Report

The EHC Think Tank published its 2022 report detailing all of its activities. You can read the report here. On the EHC Think Tank website, you will also find the system maps for the 'Registries' and 'Hub and Spoke model' workstreams. 

EHC publishes New Produce Report 2022 Vol. 2

The European Haemophilia Consortium published its second 2022 issue of its New Product Review. This newsletter covers updates on novel therapies in rare bleeding disorders from June to December 2022. This newsletter covers updates on novel therapies in rare bleeding disorders from May to December 2022 and includes updates given at the Congress of the World [...]

EHC is looking for a new CEO

The European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC) is looking for a CEO to head its Brussels-based office. This is an exciting opportunity for a dynamic, motivated, strategic and visionary individual to serve the European bleeding disorders community and provide support to diverse people affected by rare and chronic conditions. You can find further information on the job [...]

VWD Working Group is looking for Ambassadors!

“Together we are stronger, our voice is clearer, and the change we make is experienced by more people in more countries. Together we can make a difference for those living with VWD all over Europe“ Jo Traunter, Co-Chair von Willebrand Disease Working Group EHC von Willebrand Disease (VWD) Working Group (WG) is happy to open [...]

Save the date for four online interactive webinars on healthy ageing

On the pathway towards healthy ageing - Join us for four interactive online workshops in 2023! Following a needs assessment survey in 2022, the EHC will offer online events to mark a healthy pathway towards ageing. These events will be open to everybody in the community and feature experts in the relevant field, as well as possible [...]

ERIN peer-to-peer sessions resuming in 2023

What started as a best practice for the inhibitor community will also be continued in the European Rare and Inhibitor Network (ERIN) context. The online peer-to-peer sessions for various groups of people affected by inhibitors or extremely rare bleeding disorders will be held as follows: Partners of people with inhibitors or extremely rare bleeding disorders: [...]

The exhibition ‘Open the door to another reality’ is coming to you!

In 2022, the EHC Multimedia exhibition “Open the Door to Another Reality” was launched alongside the EHC Leadership Conference in Brussels. It has travelled to Copenhagen for the EHC Conference 2022. Now has come the time for it to travel the roads of Europe and visit you, our National Member Organisations. New stories will be added [...]

Goodbye officers. Hello leads.

As of January 2023, that’s how you’ll come to know most of our EHC team. In part prompted by the global workplace-shifting pandemic. But primarily driven by the EHC staff team growing to ten members in ten years. This year we underwent an organisational change. Having arrived at our (original) target size – of ten [...]

End-of-the-year greetings

In the last few years, the world of bleeding disorders saw many new challenges, changes and ambitions, and 2022 was no different. After two years of social distancing, we reunited physically. When the committees, events and workshops all came together, it was as if they had spent just a day or two apart. They maintained [...]