Over the years, the EHC has grown in scope to better serve all of the patient populations it serves. To this end, the EHC Steering Committee has established several committes and working group to directly provide strategic guidance and implement activities in particular area. At the moment, the EHC’s work is supported by the following committees:

  • ERIN Committee,
  • Von Willebrand Disease Committee,
  • Women and Bleeding Disorders Committee,
  • Youth Working Group, 
  • New Product Review committee.

Each committee has a specific set of Terms of Reference setting the mandate and terms of each committee and outlining their tasks and responsibilities and each volunteer joining the EHC’s activities is asked to abide by an internal code of conduct to disclose any conflicts of interests. This is to ensure maximum transparency withing the EHC’s activities. At the end of the year, volunteers are asked to provide a record of the time spent on EHC’s activities so that this figure can be added to the EHC’s financial statement to accurately reflect the resources needed to carry out EHC’s activities.