Admir Mehić, EHC Co-Opted Steering Committee Member
Bosnia and Herzegovina
[email protected]

Admir is a patient advocate with severe haemophilia A. He has been actively involved with the Hemophilia Society of Bosnia & Herzegovina (HSBH) since its establishment in 1998, starting as a volunteer alongside his parents. At first, he participated as a poster child for haemophilia, participating in the creation of various short documentaries and live interviews about his struggles and life with haemophilia.

Admir’s involvement evolved over the years, and he eventually became one of the younger members of the HSBH Executive Committee. In 2018 and 2020, he was elected as the Secretary (VP role) of his NMO, a role he continues to fulfil.

As part of the new leadership, Admir has brought new perspectives and a generational shift in thinking to his NMO, strengthening relationships with stakeholders and supporting initiatives like the establishment of the Federal Hematology Commission and the certification of the Center of Comprehensive Care at the University of Sarajevo. He continued a strategic partnership of his NMO with the Institute for Population and Development, together they advocated for the establishment of the Federal Rare Diseases Alliance. Learning quickly from EHC programmes he raised the activities of his NMO into a higher gear, supporting the more active involvement of non-hemophilia-related volunteers who bring additional expertise and out-of-box thinking.

Admir is happily married and currently works as a journalist. He brings a diverse skill set to the table, including his experience and background in politics as well as projects and social media management. He studied at the Department of Communicology at the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Sarajevo, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Communicology and Journalism. Currently, he is in the process of completing his Master’s studies in International Relations and Diplomacy. These educational and professional experiences make him a valuable asset to the field of haemophilia advocacy.