Thanks to the treatment improvements today people with haemophilia and other rare bleeding disorders are living longer than ever. However the situation doesn’t come without its challenges that need to be addressed. This situation is an unprecedented reality in our community and therefore we would like to explore what those challenges are and what could be potentially the ways to address them. To do this we will need your support!


We have developed a short survey (about 15 minutes to fill) and would like to ask you – members of our community who are over 50 years of age – to support us in our efforts and fill the survey! It would be of great help to us as it would help us understand what can be done by the EHC to offer the support needed and tailor it precisely to the needs at hand. We would be grateful to receive the responses by the end of the January 2022! Please fill in the survey ONLY ONCE!


The survey can be accessed and filled online in various languages, however if you need support in filling it, do not hesitate to contact your NMOs – we have provided them with a printable Word document of this same survey in all the same languages!


Here is the survey