What is the Youth Fellowship Programme?

How does the Youth Fellowship Programme work?

The EHC works hard to invest in patient advocacy and developing leadership skills for the future. This is why we have built a comprehensive youth leadership strategy. We are very proud of our youth strategy and we have witnessed the strength & power of the energy, enthusiasm and engagement from our youth community in Europe.

Our goal has always been to get our trainees to work, to keep them motivated, engaged and feeling useful! Through the Youth Fellowship Programme we hope we can:

* Maintain & grow their active engagement with each other and with our community across borders
* Focus their cross-border attention and efforts towards a concrete and useful communal goal
* Allow them to develop their own area of work or pick up one proposed by the EHC

The Youth Fellowship Programme will see our young leaders develop real hands-on experience while at the same time contributing, in the right way, to the European bleeding disorders community. We envisage doing this by enabling the creation of a pool of young project teams, comprised of young EHC event alumni, aged between 25-35, to take the lead on key projects and areas of work that are necessary at cross-national or European levels.

Each project team member will be required to complete an application form which will be reviewed by the EHC. The application can be for a project of their own choice or from the roster of projects available from the EHC.

The Youth Fellowship Projects will work towards a concrete outcome, benefitting more than just one country. Importantly the projects will not over-lap with existing work being done in the European patient community.

The EHC have established an online roster of one-two year projects which is available to view here. Any community member can propose projects to add to the roster at any time, which the EHC Steering Committee will review and approve on a rolling basis and we will continue to announce new projects on our website.

For further information on the Youth Felllowship Programme, the application process or indeed for any queries please contact Fiona Brennan or see our FAQ!

We look forward to working with our future community leaders on these projects!!

The Youth Fellowship Programme is made possible thanks to an educational grant from BioMarin & Sanofi