Educational Videos / Promotional Materials regarding NMO outreach

  • Some educational videos topics could be but are not limited to venous access / physical activity / living positively with a bleeding disorder.
  • Promotional material videos could be made to encourage engagement with an NMO and what an NMO can do for the patient.
  • Promotional materials to encourage patients to join a Patient Organisation — perhaps done in partnership with a treatment centre.
  • Promotional materials to encourage NMOs to reach out to other bleeding disorders such as platelet disorders, VWD and other RBDs – perhaps done in partnership with a treatment centre.

NMO Exchange

  • NMOs could be given an opportunity to visit other NMOs to facilitate mutual learnings.
  • NMO Audits – focused visits to multiple NMOs to allow youth to audit or examine various specified areas of work.

Hepatitis C – Patient Outreach

In line with one of the EHC’s objectives to eradicate hepatitis C in the bleeding disorder community a project could be developed in conjunction with a treatment centre to promote education and awareness of hepatitis C treatment for patients.


Surveys can be carried out on a wide variety of areas to explore different issues / areas of interest in our community for example quality of life / patient outreach / NMO services etc.

Centre Visits

As the projects are cross-border in nature, it may be interesting for teams to explore differences in centres across Europe.

Visiting EUHANET Centres

Ted Talks

This could be a series of short educational / promotional videos which can be dispersed throughout the community on various relevant topics.

Awareness Campaigns

The development and promotion of awareness campaigns to promote bleeding disorders / positive living / adherence / physical activity etc.