The European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC) will hold its third Youth Leadership Workshop on 8-10 April in a location to be confirmed.

This event aims to bring together young volunteers from its National Member Organisations (NMO) to provide them with training on effective strategies to better engage with their communities as well as to give them an opportunity to meet with peers from other countries. The themes of this year’s workshop will be internal and external communication. The weekend-long event will consist of brief presentations by experienced patient advocates coupled with practical group work so that participants can consolidate the knowledge they’ve gained.

The EHC believes that this training is beneficial to both participants and their NMOs as it supports the growth of their volunteers and their communities. To apply for this event, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Is a patient with, or carrier of, haemophilia, VWD or another rare bleeding disorder;
  • Is between 21-30 years old;
  • Has at least one-year demonstrated existing or prior commitment to the NMO;
  • Is fluent in written and spoken English and can actively engage in the interactive training of the workshop;
  • Will actively participate in the training and any requested follow-up activity or reporting;
  • Has capacity to stay actively involved or become further engaged with your NMO, as well as ability to engage other youth.

Candidates will be selected by the EHC Youth Committee. Candidates who wish to apply should send this completed application form as well as a letter of recommendation from the President/ Chairperson of their NMO to Kristine Jansone by 22 January, the latest. Only completed applications will be considered.

For more information about this event, please contact Kristine Jansone, EHC Inhibitors Programme Officer at [email protected] or at +32.2. 893.24.70.