EDUC8 is an Innovative Training Network (ITN) funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 Programme. The EDUC8 training network represents a novel, pioneering platform for studying the immunogenicity of therapeutic pro-coagulant factor VIII (FVIII) in patients with haemophilia A (HA). It includes leading scientists from academia and industry. The EDUC8 training network offers a total of 8 doctoral research projects (PhD projects) for 8 early stage researchers (ESRs) across 8 institutes in Europe. The research topics range from fundamental to translational science, and aim at identifying drug- and patient-related risk factors for the development of neutralizing anti-FVIII antibodies, and at developing innovative protocols for inducing tolerance to FVIII.

Successful applicants will receive training in basic immunology, haemostasis research and bioinformatic approaches, clinical haemostasis, project management, entrepreneurship, healthcare economics, ethics and marketing. The interaction between biologists, clinical experts, healthcare professionals, industry and patients’ organizations is central to EUDC8. It will expose ESR to complex issues in bench-to-bedside research from different perspectives. Graduates from EDUC8 will be highly skilled, entrepreneurial and broadly-trained experts, equipped with innovative and beyond state-of-the-art proficiency on the exponentially expanding area of “immunogenicity of biotherapeutics”.

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