The EHC Now! Compilation Newsletter gathering all EHC Now! articles from September 2018 to January 2019 is now out! In this edition, you will also find contributions from our Round Table sponsors. We hope you will enjoy reading it!

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In this issue:

A message from the EHC President and CEO

EHC news

  • EHC welcomes Minette van der Ven as its new Vice-President Finance
  • 2018 EHC Workshop on Tenders and Procurement
  • EHC announces first European Conference on Women and Rare Bleeding Disorders
  • EHC Pre-Conference Workshop: “Better Inclusion of people with inhibitors in the life of the NMO”
  • Video highlights of the EHC 2018 Conference
  • Looking forward to the EHC Conference
  • EHC 2018 Conference highlights and looking towards the year ahead
  • Seven things we learned from the EHC Round Table on ‘Switching from standard therapies: where do novel therapies fit in?’
  • European inhibitor patients gather in Barretstown for the 3rd EHC Inhibitor Summit
  • EHC Youth Leadership Workshop Alumni Event

NMO news

  • EHC Welcomes 46th National Member Organisation: Public organization “Haemophiles” of the Republic of Tajikistan
  • 2018 Meeting of the Nordic Haemophilia Societies
  • UK public inquiry into the blood contamination
  • International basketball camp for people with haemophilia 2018
  • Newly-formed youth group in Macedonia
  • What is haemophilia?

Feature articles

  • Novel technologies in haemophilia care: EHC tried and tested methods to keep-up-to date with an evolving medical landscape

News from our corporate partners

Calendar of events