On June 27th 2017, the European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC) held its second Round Table of Stakeholders of the year on ‘Orthopaedic Aspects in Haemophilia Care’.

The event took place at the Warwick Brussels Hotel and was chaired by Mr Miguel Crato, Member of the EHC Steering Committee and President of APH – Associação Portuguesa de Hemofilia e de outras Coagulopatias Congénitas, the EHC Portuguese National Member Organisation.

More than 50 participants took part in the event, including patient representatives, healthcare professionals and representatives from the pharmaceutical industry. The programme brought together diverse healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists, haematologists, inhibitor specialists and orthopaedic surgeons demonstrating the need for a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of haemophilia. The event set to show how haemophilia can impact affected individuals’ musculoskeletal health and looked at procedures and methods to improve patients health such as adapted physiotherapy regimens, radioactive synovectomy and the use of ultrasound technologies to identify bleeds. The final part of the programme was dedicated to the orthopaedic needs and challenges faced by people with inhibitors, in particular when undergoing surgery.

Below you can find documents provided during the event. All pictures from the event can be viewed on the EHC Facebook page.