EHC Academy: Advancing Patient Education From Every Angle

Within the Academy’s virtual halls, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge on bleeding disorders, spanning from fundamental concepts to detailed information on treatment options.

Explore our EHCucate project, where we outline both established and cutting-edge treatments, and learn about the currently available treatment options (organised by cohort) as well as upcoming therapies (featured in our EHC NTR – Novel Therapies Review). In our ongoing commitment to empowerment, we’ve incorporated our online Health Economics Course, providing invaluable tools for advocacy at the national level. Furthermore, delve into the legislative landscape of the EU to understand the framework shaping our advocacy efforts.

The EHC Academy isn’t just about information—it’s a dynamic hub of resources. From surveys to care principles, handbooks to guidelines, our platform is a database of patient-centred materials. As the treatment landscape evolves and advocacy tools evolve alongside it, the EHC Academy will evolve in lockstep. Through unique, high-quality knowledge and practical tools, we aim to elevate advocacy skills and pave the way toward a better quality of life for patients across Europe. 

Our dedication to our mission remains steadfast, encapsulated in our motto: Empowering the Bleeding Disorders Community!

We urge all the EHC National Member Organisations to send us their materials in their languages to make this platform truly valuable for our big multinational family. Please contact us at [email protected] to know how you can contribute to the EHC Academy. Join us as we take a decisive step forward, together.

Discover our EHC Academy here!


From the comprehensive insights into blood clotting mechanisms and various treatment options in simple words and different multimedia formats in EHCucate to a cohort-based approach to licensed treatments.

One will also get access to the up-to-date scientific advancements on emerging treatment options under development, tailored for the EHC community in the New Treatment Review.

Explore our dedicated EHC Academy Treatment section to access essential information covering both fundamental knowledge and the latest breakthroughs in bleeding disorder treatment. Whether you’re seeking foundational understanding or staying abreast of cutting-edge developments, our resources ensure you’re well-equipped to navigate the evolving treatment landscape.


Explore the EHC Academy Legislation section to uncover the latest European health policy and legislative updates that directly influence the rare bleeding disorders community!

The key legislative initiatives and our periodic Public Policy Review will guide you through the rapidly changing European landscape of health policy which forms a framework for national legislation in the EU.  

Access to Treatment and Care 

Access to healthcare is not just a privilege but a fundamental human right, upheld by European health systems alongside principles of safety, quality, and equity. The EHC is dedicated to facilitating access to optimal treatment and care through a range of diverse programmes and initiatives.

Within the EHC Academy Access to Treatment and Care section, our community members can delve into topics such as analysing various treatments and evaluating their value, navigating the delicate balance between innovative treatments and state budget constraints, and more. Our online Health Economics Course has been integrated into the Academy to provide accessible education on these critical topics.

Our efforts to promote access to treatment and care are fueled by gathering data and real-world evidence, which inform our work and contribute to consensus recommendations and decision-making processes.

We actively collaborate with broader policy groups and medical/trade associations to ensure that the data we collect and analyse serve as effective advocacy tools and valuable resources for our patients.


The EHC works on behalf of all patients with congenital bleeding disorders in Europe to improve access to treatment and care, as well as the quality of life for patients through partnerships and advocacy. 

Through our advocacy efforts, EHC strives to influence public policy in order to continue improving individual and community health, reducing health disparities across Europe and in our National Member Organisations. 

The EHC Academy Advocacy section serves as a comprehensive resource hub to support advocacy efforts. Here, individuals can access a wealth of materials, including Principles of Care, Guidelines, completed surveys, and more. We encourage our members to submit materials in their national languages, enriching the collective knowledge and benefiting the entire community.