The EHC was up to a busy summer and month of September and to mark the end of the month, and ahead of our Conference, we give you a quick recap of all of our activities.


EHC representatives attended the Congress of the International Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) held in Melbourne, Australia in July. There, the EHC held a booth to promote its activities.

Thierry Hoppe joined the EHC as its new Office Administrator. In this position, Thierry will help EHC CEO and VP Finance with the daily management of the EHC finances and human resources (HR) matters.

The EHC launched its survey on Von Willebrand Disease (VWD). The survey is comprised of two questionnaires, one for patient organisations and clinicians, and another one for individuals impacted by VWD. The individual’s questionnaire is available in English, Russian, French and Latvian.


Fiona Brennan, EHC Community Programmes Officer, attended the Hungarian NMO Summer Camp as part of the Youth Fellowship Programme.

Jo Eerens, EHC Membership Officer, travelled to Cyprus to meet with the local NMO and identify ways in which the EHC can support local activities.

EHC staff combined their team-building day with #thisway campaign by hiking through the caves of Han in Belgium.

EHC Inhibitor Programme Officer, Kristine Jansone, attended the Boston Inhibitor Summit organised by the National Hemophilia Foundation in the United States. EHC and NHF have been inviting representatives from the other organisation to their respective inhibitor events since 2015. This is to foster education and learn from each other on common issues faced by inhibitor patients and how best to tackle them.


EHC representatives attended the 10th edition of the BIC International Conference, which was held in conjunction with the third edition of the International Conference on Inhibitors in Haemophilia. EHC representatives learned about the latest scientific and medical data on inhibitor treatment.

EHC representatives also attended the Workshop on Novel and Gene Therapies organised by the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF). The event took place in Washington, DC, United States. Attending this meeting allowed EHC staff and steering committee members to keep abreast with the latest medicinal products development in haemophilia.

EHC held its health-economics themed WorkshopWorkshop on Tenders and Procurements in Istanbul, Turkey. The WorkshopWorkshop targeted NMOs from Central European countries to provide them with knowledge and tools to become more involved in the economic assessment of novel medicinal technologies. Some thirty participants attended this year’s edition.

EHC representatives went to Ukraine to meet with the local NMO and identify ways in which EHC can support the local organisation and its activities.

EHC published five short clips highlighting difficulties and issues faced by women with bleeding disorders in its EHC Conversations on Women and Bleeding Disorders. The clips were made from the EHC movie on Women and Bleeding Disorders. 

Brian O’Mahony, EHC President, was featured in a media campaign on Blood Health.

Jo Eerens, EHC Membership Officer, visited our members in Bosnia Herzegovina and presented during their General Assembly.