EHC is looking for a consultant for a new Think Tank project

The European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC; is looking for an independent consultant to undertake project consultancy work supporting the EHC Think Tank.

Type of contract:          One-year consultancy contract, renewable
Project start date:        March 2021

The Consultant will be responsible for coordinating and implementing the EHC Think Tank’s external work.

Terms of Reference
The EHC Think Tank’s external work seeks to create a platform around which to host key, expert health care stakeholders in coming and working together as ‘change agents’ to tackle key priority areas and co-design trajectories of positive and long-term future change. This work is complementary and additional to the EHC’s ongoing advocacy activities. It focuses on a broader, more collective, ‘blue sky’ approach that targets long-term process change rather than short-term outcomes.

The Consultant will be required to:

  • Drive and implement the Think Tank’s external work, including management of its roadmap and workstreams;
  • Tailor-design, implement, and continually innovate the Think Tank’s methodologies, as needed;
  • Communicate, liaise and coordinate with European and national patient organisations, healthcare providers, policy-makers, industry manufacturers and all other relevant stakeholders impacting the European health care system, as required by individual Think Tank work streams;
  • Design, organise and facilitate individual workstream sessions as most relevant and appropriate to the needs of that stream, in a lead or support capacity, as appropriate;
  • Help produce relevant communication materials, including workstream minutes, relevant outputs (e.g., monographs, scientific papers), articles, newsletters and /or materials, as needed;
  • Produce relevant web and social media content, as needed;
  • Participate in and/or speak at Think Tank, EHC and/or external meetings or events to promote and/or continuously improve the Think Tank’s work.
  • Carry out any other relevant tasks as required by the CEO.

Required background, skills and expertise

  • Master’s degree or equivalent level of proved expertise in health or related policy field.
  • Ten or more years of proved engagement in public health and patient partnership work.
  • Substantive expertise in the project- and stakeholder management required.
  • Proved experience in designing, preparing and managing expert-level strategic meetings.
  • Expert-level engagement with all of the following stakeholders:
    • Patient organisations,
    • Healthcare providers,
    • National or European policymakers, and
    • Industry representatives.
  • Candidate must demonstrate strong and consistent diplomacy, facilitation, negotiation, strategic thinking, consensus-building, analytical reporting, program coordination, budget management and public speaking.
  • Candidate must demonstrate high-level professionalism, discretion and commitment to high-quality work under pressure.
  • Availability to travel in Europe and occasionally to provide services on weekends (post-COVID).
  • Fluent written and verbal English, other European languages an asset.

Submission and deadline for proposals
Written proposals (in English) must be submitted to by Friday, February 19, 2021.

 These must include:

  1. Proposal letter outlining motivation and relevant expertise,
  2. Personal CV containing areas of training and previous engagements,
  3. Proposed consultancy fee (indicated in Euros and as day rate) excluding VAT,
  4. A shortlist of previous/current clients or three professional references with contact details.

Incomplete proposals will not be considered. Due to time constraints, the EHC will only respond to short-listed proposals.