EHC Now! Be part of our team – EURO 2020: Adapted Football & Physical Activity Camp!

As you can see 2020 is going to be a big & busy year for the EHC with many events and activities to support, empower, educate and build lasting friendships in our community!! In this week’s EHC Now! we take a look at our recently launched EURO 2020: Adapted Football & Physical Activity Camp! The camp will take place in Utrecht in The Netherlands from the 1st – 5th July 2020, offering our community to be part of a team in a safe, adapted and fun way – highlighting that no matter what your physical ability is you can get involved and stay active! 

The purpose of the EURO 2020 Youth Fellowship Project is to organise a programme for people with bleeding disorders from NMOs across Europe, bringing them together to highlight the importance of staying active but also to demonstrate that this can be done in an adapted way to suit all abilities and mobility levels. The camp will have a strong ethos of adapted rules which will be the key for success to encourage people to fully participate and enjoy the experience.

The objectives of the programme are to encourage inclusive, active participation and physical activity in a fun and team spirited way, from all patients in the bleeding disorder community in spite of any physical limitations. It is also to provide education and positive engagement on the importance of maintaining physical health while continuing to build our community for people across borders. The programme will include specialists in physiotherapy, nutrition and haematology.

The programme of the EURO 2020 Workshop will consist of both informational and practical educational workshops and also include football matches and training. The formation of the football tournament will be as follows: teams of 5 will be selected and created from registrations, the teams will then be scheduled matches throughout the camp. Before each match there will be warm-up sessions. The first draft of the programme-at-a-glance can be consulted EURO 2020

The EURO 2020 event will be dedicated exclusively to people with bleeding disorders over the age of 18 years. We kindly invite each NMO to send up to 5 individuals – participants will be accepted on a first come first served basis and grouped into European teams.

The EURO 2020 Programme will take place in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It is important to note that hotel accommodation will be shared. A request to share with particular people will be accommodated where possible.

The registration to this event is now open and will close on Friday 28th February. The registration form can be found here. 

It is essential to register each delegate separately. The delegates can note within the form the names of their peers attending to enable EHC to assign accommodation correctly.

The EHC will cover all the travel and accommodation costs of all the delegates. These expenses will be reimbursed according to the EHC travel reimbursement policy, which is briefly outlined in the following paragraph.

We ask our participants to take care of their own travel arrangements and the EHC will take care of the accommodation booking. Travel will be reimbursed only if the participant attends the event. This is why we strongly suggest that all participants purchase travel insurance together with their flights in case of a last-minute cancellation. If your participant does not attend the event and does not have a medical certificate for his/her cancellation, we will also invoice the accommodation bill to your NMO, if we cannot use the room for other participants or cancel it for free.

Additionally, please note that the travel costs will be only reimbursed up to the limit of the amount provided by the EHC office. After registering for the event, the participants are asked to get in touch with Ms Fiona Brennan in the EHC office, who will then give the participant(s) the budget for which we will reimburse their travel.

Please, ensure that your participants are aware that if it is not possible to find travel for the given budget, it is essential to inform Fiona, she will give them a new budgetEHC will NOT reimburse travel that is above the budget limits agreed. Finally, EHC will only cover economy class fares and our policy is to prioritise the cheapest flights, airlines and public transport over taxis for transfers between airport and event venues. If your participant requires a taxi or special travel assistance (e.g. disability, very late or very early arrival or departure) please let us know in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangements/find the necessary budget. We will not systematically reimburse taxi fares and therefore it is important that you tell us if you/your participant plans on taking a taxi or special transportation and why. If you take a taxi unexpectedly due to unforeseen reasons, please give us your reason when submitting the taxi receipt.

If you have any further questions regarding the programme or nominations, do not hesitate to contact Fiona Brennan in the EHC office.

We very much look forward to welcoming your participants to this event!