Have you seen the new EHC.EU? You might have noticed some changes! As part of our branding and long-term strategy planning, EHC has begun to push for standardisation of all its communications and publications. Part of this process has been a refocus and upgrade of out primary site, https://www.ehc.eu/

After a stabilisation and maintenance upgrade, ehc.eu now features:

  • Easier navigation and cleaner menu bars;
  • better, indexed search engine – just the magnifying glass;
  • events are one-stop and easy to find – no more having to search where anything is;
  • our slider has been replaced with a reactive display that can now not only host video but live broadcasting;
  • our post section is now real-time and tied to our social media. Don’t have a Twitter account? No problem – our front page plays video;
  • We’ve rebuilt the youth leadership section with new videos, an interactive updated NMO section, and modernised the staff section (check out our avatars)
  • We’ve added a media, style and brand guide section, as well downloadable presentation templates, icons and logos
  • downloadable and readable PDFs in magazine formatting

We’re not finished yet. Our site is our main calling card and we will be constantly updating and making adjustments to keep the it current and alive. What’s coming up? A sustainable and cross-indexed library built on an international system, an expanded women’s section…and lots and lots more content, videos and engaging material.

We are also well-underway to completing a rebuild of our Inhibitor and Russian sites as well. Have ideas, suggestions or comments? Contact charles.kinney@ehc.eu