The European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC) is delighted to inform you that the European principles of care for women and girls with bleeding disorders were published in the scientific journal Haemophilia.

This publication results from work led by a multidisciplinary working group composed of the Committee on Women and Bleeding Disorders of the European Association for Haemophilia and Allied Disorders (EAHAD) and members of the EHC Women and Bleeding Disorders Committee. This paper highlights the needs of women and girls with bleeding disorders in Europe. It seeks to stress the importance of access to specialised and comprehensive care for women and girls with bleeding disorders and raise awareness amongst clinicians of the needs of this cohort. These principles will be presented during the 2021 EHC Conference. The EHC Women and Bleeding Disorders Committee will develop actions to promote them in the patient community in late 2021 and 2022.

European Principles of Care for Women and Girls with Bleeding Disorders

  1. Equitable access and quality of care for all individuals with bleeding disorders, irrespective of gender.
  2. Timely and accurate diagnosis of bleeding disorders in women and girls.
  3. Awareness of the additional challenges faced by WGBD throughout life.
  4. Provision of comprehensive care in a family centred approach.
  5. Inclusion of a dedicated obstetrician and gynaecologist in the multidisciplinary team.
  6. Education of WGBD and their families regarding the menstrual cycle and its management.
  7. Early recognition and optimal management of heavy menstrual bleeding.
  8. Provision of pre-conception counselling and access to prenatal diagnostics.
  9. Provision of a patient-centred comprehensive management plan throughout pregnancy and the post-partum period.
  10. Involvement of WGBD in registries, clinical research and innovation.