From June 29th to July 2nd 2017, the European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC) held its third Leadership Conference in Brussels, Belgium. 

Over 60 established leaders, youth volunteers and staff of various EHC National Member Organisations (NMO) attended the four day event. The programme was designed in a way to provoke in-depth discussions and best-practice exchanges. It consisted of thematic sessions on gene therapy (presented by Professor Flora Peyvandi), women and bleeding disorders (presented by members of the EHC Women’s Committee), extended half-life products (presented by Dr Beatrice Nolan) and fundraising training (presented by Simona Biancu); peer-to-peer sessions on the following topics:

  • Working with the pharmaceutical companies in time of new products coming into the market.
  • Healthy working methods between staff and volunteers.
  • Youth involvement in the NMO – how to evolve.
  • Inter-generational dialogue in the haemophilia community and succession planning.
  • Improving the quality of care (including how to build a relationship with a healthcare provider).
  • Using the EDQM/Kreuth III/IV recommendations in patient advocacy

This year, the EHC  added a new element to the programme – poster sessions. NMOs had the opportunity to display and present certain programmes/events that they organise in their respective countries for people with haemophilia and/or their families. This is an opportunity for best practice exchange where participants can take the ideas back to their societies and provide more support to their haemophilia community.

To view the entire programme, please click here.

The EHC provided live Russian interpretation throughout the duration of the conference for members of the Russian-speaking NMOs.

For pictures of the event, please visit the EHC Facebook page.