Registrations for the EHC 2021 Virtual Scientific Conference are now open!

Welcome to the EHC 2021 Virtual Conference

The European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC) is delighted to welcome you to another edition of its virtual scientific conference. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, our Steering Committee has decided to prioritise our community’s safety by continuing to hold our scientific conference virtually in 2021. However, as always, we will do our utmost to provide you with engaging and informative content from the comfort of your home. We are thrilled to share with you the preliminary programme.

The conference will open on Sunday 3rd October at 19.15 hrs CEST. This will be followed by a symposium and networking event. The conference scientific programme will go from Monday 4th to Friday 8th October 2021.

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3-8 October 2021

For whom?
Open to all!

Conference language:
English with live Russian interpretation

Programme at-a-glance

Sun 3 October Mon 4 October Tue 5 October Wed 6 October Thu 7 October Fri 8 October
19.15-19.30 hrs CEST 18.00-19.15 hrs CEST 18.00-19.15 hrs CEST 18.00-19.15 hrs CEST 18.00-19.15 hrs CEST 18.00-19.15 hrs CEST &

20.15-20.30 hrs CEST &

Conference Opening


“From principles to practice”

Pipeline perspectives

Patient choices and preferences


Going the distance Late-breaking



Sun 3 Oct Mon 4 Oct Tue 5 Oct Wed 6 Oct Thu 7 Oct Fri 8 Oct
19.30-20.15 hrs 19.30-20.15 hrs 19.30-20.15 hrs 19.30-20.15 hrs 19.30-20.15 hrs 19.30-20.15 hrs
Sanofi Sobi Roche BioMarin Takeda Bayer
Thrombin generation: The goal of all haemophilia treatments
Take Control: Empowering an Active Life
Let’s learn from each other: Delivering effective community-driven education for those with rare bleeding disorders.
Patient Advocacy: Activating Access to Innovation in Haemophilia
Comprehensive care: Telehealth and the future of shareddecision making in rare bleeding disorders.

Improving Control: Utilizing Innovation to Empower the Haemophilia Community

Times are CEST

The EHC 2021 Annual General Assembly will be taking place on Sunday 3 October from 17.00 to 19.00 hrs CEST. This event is open to EHC National Member Organisations only. For more information and to register, please get in touch with Saskia Pfeyffer at the EHC office.

Although this year’s EHC Conference will be held virtually, we will be trying to capture this event’s community spirit by holding short virtual networking events every night following the main conference. Join us from Sunday 3 to Friday 8 October from 20.15 to 21.00 hrs for a chat and a chance to meet and ask your questions to the speakers, moderators and EHC community.

Speakers and moderators

Speakers Moderator
  • Manon Degenaar-Dujardin, EHC Dutch NMO
  • Sophie Susen, CHU de Lille, France
  • Debra Pollard, Haemnet, UK
  • Evelyn Grimberg, EHC Dutch NMO 
Speakers Moderators
  • Lindsey George, University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Brian O’Mahony, Irish Haemophilia Society
  • Flora Peyvandi, University of Milan, Italy
  • Bülent Zulfikar, Turkish Haemophilia Society
  • Minette van der Ven, EHC Steering Committee, the Netherlands
  • Carmen Escuriola-Ettinghausen, Haemophilia Centre Rhein-Main, Frankfurt, Germany
Speakers Moderators
  • Miguel Crato, EHC Steering Committee, Portugal
  • Cedric Hermans, Cliniques Universitaires St Luc, Belgium
  • Thomas Sannié, EHC Steering Committee, France
  • Amanda Bok, EHC CEO, Belgium
  • Lotte Haverman, Amsterdam University, the Netherlands 
Speakers Moderators
  • Dan Hart, Queen’s Mary University, UK
  • Diana Lighezan, EHC Steering Committee, Romania
  • Mike Makris, Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Trust, UK
  • Debra Pollard, Haemnet, UK
  • Stefan Radovanovic, EHC Steering Committee Member, Serbia
  • Dan Hart, Queen’s Mary University, UK
Speakers Moderators
  • Mike Makris (Science SLAM)
  • Caterina Casari (Science SLAM)
  • Flora Peyvandi (Care SLAM)
  • David Stephensen (Care SLAM)
  • Sebastien Lacroix-Desmazes (Research SLAM)
  • Marjon Cnossens (Research SLAM)
  • Yuri Zhulev (Community SLAM)
  • Nurbek Orzaliev (Community SLAM)
  • Declan Noone, EHC President, Ireland
  • Radoslaw Kaczmarek, Indiana School of Medicine, USA

Conference Registration

Conference Organising Committees

Conference Organising Committee

  • Amanda Bok, EHC CEO
  • Declan Noone, EHC President
  • Minette van der Ven, EHC Vice-President
  • Miguel Crato
  • Jo Eerens
  • Naja Skouw-Rasmussen
  • Thomas Sannié
  • Diana Lighezan
  • Stefan Radovanovic

Scientific Committee

  • Prof Jan Blatny
  • Prof Michael Makris
  • Declan Noone
  • Prof Johannes Oldenburg
  • Prof Flora Peyvandi

Conference Secretariat


The EHC wishes to thank the EHC 2021 Virtual Conference Sponsors for their support.

Platinum Sponsors

CSL Behring, Roche, Sanofi, Sobi and Takeda

Gold Sponsors

BioMarin, Novo Nordisk and Pfizer

Silver Sponsors

Bayer, Kedrion, Spark and UniQure

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Amanda Bok, EHC CEO.