On 1 to 4 December 2016, the European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC) held its first Inhibitor Summit in Barretstown, Ireland. This event was held to bring together people with haemophilia and inhibitors to meet and learn more about inhibitors and how to manage this condition.

Inhibitors are antibodies developed to the treatment to manage haemophilia. As a result people with haemophilia suffering from inhibitors can no longer rely on traditional replacement therapy.

This summit brought together some 90 participants from 27 European countries as well as observers from the Canadian Haemophilia Society and the US National Haemophilia Foundation. The programme was composed of a mix of lectures on scientific and clinical topics such as inhibitor formation and treatment, physiotherapy and pain management as well as peer-to-peer sessoins to share common experiences. Children took part in many leasure activities organised by the volunteers of Barretstown.

Pictures of the event are available on the EHC Facebook page.

The next Inhibitor Summit will be held on 28 November to 3rd December 2017. People with inhibitors and their families who wish to attend this event should get in touch with their national patient organisation for nomination.