On February 27th 2018, the European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC) will hold its first Round Table of Stakeholders of the year on ‘Economics and Access, Health Care Systems and Novel Therapies’. The event will take place in Brussels, Belgium.

View programme here.

Register for the event here.

Apply For A Travel Grant:

As with every Round Table, the EHC will allocate one travel grant to three of its NMOs (three travel grants in total). To apply for the travel grant, please send an email to saskia.pfeyffer@ehc.eu by Wednesday 24 January with the:

  • Full name and contact details of the proposed candidate;
  • The candidate’s role in the NMO;
  • The interest of the candidate or the NMO in the topic of the Round Table.

As a reminder, the EHC travel grant will cover:

  • Roundtrip travel costs from the country of origin of the NMO to Brussels and back, as per the EHC travel policy;
  • The cost of local public transportation to and from airports/ train stations;
  • If the return travel cannot be easily done in one day, the EHC will reimburse the cost of one night accommodation for up to €100.

For reminder, the selection criteria of the grants are:

  • The NMO or NMO member has a current specific and relevant interest in the topic of the Round Table;
  • The NMO or NMO member is currently advocating on the topic of the Round Table;
  • The NMO is planning a programme or project on the topic of the Round Table in the near future.

NMOs who have never attended EHC Round Tables will be prioritised for attending the event, if they fulfill the grant selection criteria. Travel grants will be reimbursed following the event. If the grantee does not attend the event, the EHC will NOT reimburse the travel and accommodation costs.

Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the EHC office for additional details.