The European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC) held an event at the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut on 16 April 2014 to present the recommendations setting the minimum standards for haemophilia care developed during the Kreuth III initiative.

The recommendations were the result of a two day scientific event (also known as the Kreuth Initiative III) held in 2013 in Wildbad Kreuth in Germany, where leading experts from 36 countries came together to discuss the optimal use of coagulation factor concentrates. The recommendations are now published in Haemophilia.

The event, held at the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut featured presentations from speakers such as:

  • Prof Rainer Seitz, from the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut
  • Prof Wolfgang Schramm, from the Rudolf-Marx Foundation
  • Prof Paul Giangrande, Chair of the EHC Medical Advisory Group
  • Dr Marie-Emmanuelle Behr-Gross, from the EDQM
  • Mr Brian O’Mahony, president of the EHC
  • Ms Tatjana Markovic, vice-president of the Serbian Haemophilia Society
  • Mr Miguel Crato, president of the Portuguese Haemophilia Society

The event was held one day before World Haemophilia Day, an international observance to raise awareness about bleeding disorders.

Following the event, the EHC developed a video to outline the importance of the Kreuth III reccomendations.