EHC Virtual Youth Leadership Workshop 2021

What: Youth Leadership Workshop

EHC is pleased to announce that the call for nominations for your youth members to participate in the EHC Virtual Youth Leadership Workshop 2021 titled “Stand Up, Speak Out, Join the Conversation” is now open. The workshop will be held from 23-25 April 2021.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the EHC will hold our Youth Leadership Workshop virtually. While we are disappointed not to be together in person, we are committed to ensuring we continue to support, serve, and train our community’s youth members. The 2021 workshop will seek to equip the participants with tools and strategies to be more actively involved in their NMOs in various ways. The workshop will be thematically built on three modules: volunteering and youth engagement in the NMO; strategic approach to the work of a patient organisation; engagement with the pharmaceutical industry and other external stakeholders.

The programme will consist of a combination of interactive presentations by experienced trainers, alongside many practical and interactive exercises, which will help the participants to consolidate the knowledge gained. You can see the first draft of the programme here.

The workshop is intended to be beneficial both to the participants and the nominating NMOs by supporting the growth and development of NMOs’ volunteer communities. Therefore we ask you only to nominate candidates who meet the following criteria:

  • Is a patient with, or carrier of, haemophilia, VWD or another rare bleeding disorder;
  • Is between 21-30 years old;
  • Has at least one-year demonstrated existing or prior commitment to the NMO;
  • Is fluent in written and spoken English and can actively engage in the interactive training of the workshop;
  • Will actively participate in the training and any requested follow-up activity or reporting;
  • Has the capacity to stay actively involved or become further engaged with your NMO, as well as the ability to engage other youth;
  • Is available during the dates Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th April, please consult preliminary programme for specific timings.

There is no limit to the number of nominations each NMO can submit. However, there are only 16 slots available in the workshop. The EHC Youth Committee will review all the applications. Candidates will be selected based on merit, taking into account the criteria outlined above. Individuals who have already participated in previous EHC Youth Leadership Workshops are discouraged from applying. Individuals who have previously applied but were not selected and, therefore, did not participate in previous Youth Leadership Workshops are invited to re-apply if they still meet the criteria. 

When: 23rd-25th April 2021

For whom: EHC Members only

Registration: Open now! Deadline for nominations extended until Friday, 2nd April 2021.

Please send your complete nominations to [email protected] by 2nd April 2021 at the latest; nominations must include:

  • Duly completed Nomination Cover Form;
  • A motivation letter was written by the candidate, outlining his/her experience with the NMO or other relevant experiences, motivation to participate in the workshop and future aspirations with regards to the NMO and haemophilia community;
  • A letter of recommendation from the NMO President.

Language: English

For more information: Write to Fiona Brennan.

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