It is with great sadness that the EHC has learned about the sudden and tragic passing of Dr Axel Seuser on February 5th 2020.

Dr Seuser specialised in a variety of fields – alongside several specialties including research in motion analysis, biomechanics, sports training and prevention, sports medicine, haemophilia, pain, osteoporosis, orthopaedic problems in children and rehabilitation, he also practiced orthopaedics, sports medicine, chiropody, physical therapy, complementary medicine and motion analysis in his private clinic, as well as orthopaedic surgery and rehabilitation support in Haemophilia Centre in Bonn.

He was a well-respected specialist within the EHC community, not only among patients who greatly valued his medical advice and dedication to their well-being, but also among fellow clinicians who often sought his professional advice.

Axel brought his invaluable contribution to a number of pivotal EHC events, such as the EHC Conferences, our Round Table on Pain Management, and the first EHC Inhibitor Summit. Dr Seuser enjoyed life to its fullest, seeking out further conversations with his colleagues and patients, exploring new environments he found himself in through his work and spreading a vibrant and positive attitude to life.

Axel not only excelled in his professional life, he was also an excellent and keen sportsman – Dr Seuser was a member of the German National Swimming team and qualified for the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games; which complemented his professional approach of the importance of achieving and maintaining good physical health – he literally practiced what he preached.

Members of the EHC community have fond memories of Dr Seuser.

“One minute of silence at EAHAD2020 for Dr Axel Seuser who, like so many dedicated MCD providers in this room, dedicated his professional and volunteer time to patients’ quality of life. European Haemophilia Consortium remembers him and we share our heartfelt condolences with his family and loved ones.”

tweeted Declan Noone, EHC President

I am very sad to learn of the untimely passing of Dr Axel Seuser, who will be sorely missed by the international haemophilia community. I had the pleasure of working with him on many occasions through both the EHC and WFH and was always impressed by his energy and enthusiasm and I always learned something new from his engaging presentations. As an orthopaedic surgeon and keen sportsman (a former Olympic swimmer) his particular interests were in pain control in haemophilia and encouraging people with haemophilia to participate in suitable sports. His legacy lives on in the very many people with haemophilia around the world who have benefitted from his surgical skills, advocacy, knowledge and encouragement.

writes Dr Paul Giangrande, Former Vice President Medical, WFH and past Chairman, Medical Advisory Group, EHC

“I echo the words of the EHC President, on a personal note. Shocking and premature loss to his loved ones and our community. His work made a difference to patients’ lives. His impact will live on.”

adds Amanda Bok, EHC Chief Executive Officer

On behalf of the entire EHC community we extend our deepest and heartfelt condolences to the family of Dr Seuser at this difficult time.