Between April 2019 and April 2020, the EHC have been celebrating our 30th anniversary. Several events and initiatives have taken place to mark this important milestone. To close the EHC’s 30th anniversary ‘with a splash’ we wanted to do something special to round off the past year while also looking forward to our community’s future.

As a result, the EHC created the exhibition “OPEN THE DOOR TO ANOTHER REALITY”, literally offering people the possibility to open a door and listen to the stories of people affected by bleeding disorders over different times and places across eight decades, and hear their hopes and visions for the future.

Originally foreseen to launch on April 24th to coincide with the inauguration of the EHC’s new office, due to the COVID-19 shutdown, the exhibition will be launched at the EHC Conference 2020 in Copenhagen.

 Here is a little glimpse from what is to come: stories from the 1980s, a tumultuous decade for our community as well as the world.

The EHC warmly thanks all the volunteers who shared their honest, colourful and heartfelt stories! It has been eye-opening and humbling for us, and we hope it will be for everyone else, too!

Finally, the EHC built this exhibition to live on. Even though we see the EHC office as its permanent home, we hope these stories will travel and grow, and therefore built the exhibit to be light-weight and easily transported.

To start: Copenhagen, October 2020.

To continue: Europe is our oyster.

We truly hope that this immersive experience can be a strong advocacy tool for our National Member Organisations (NMOs) to use, and re-use, as they see fit. And down the literal road, when the exhibition will have travelled to all (or many!) NMOs and stories will have been added, the exhibition will find another permanent home, a virtual one, on our website.


We are grateful to Sobi for an unrestricted grant that helped make this work possible.