After many years, gene therapy in patients with haemophilia has started to show promising results in alleviating symptoms and improving the disease phenotype.

Medscape has launched a new education program for providers seeking to enhance their knowledge of gene therapy for haemophilia. “Clinical Advances in Gene Therapy for Haemophilia” is presented through a collaboration between Medscape, the European Haemophilia Consortium, the National Hemophilia Foundation and the World Federation of Hemophilia. The program is supported by an independent educational grant from BioMarin.

This collection of programmes provides important information on the science behind gene therapy for haemophilia, the latest safety and efficacy data from clinical trials, and the potential role for gene therapy in addressing the challenges of current treatment methods. Currently, healthcare providers can test their knowledge through two modules on ‘Why Gene Therapy in Haemophilia? Exploring the challenges of current therapies,’ and ‘The Science of Gene Therapy in Haemophilia.’ These two modules are eligible for continuing medical education credits. 

Visit the “Clinical Advances in Gene Therapy for Hemophilia” homepage to access the following resources and activities on gene therapy for haemophilia. 

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