We are thrilled to introduce you to Luis Teixeira, the new EHC CEO. Luis joined the EHC team in May 2023 and brings with him a wealth of experience working for different European associations and holding management positions with a focus on operations and finances.

Luis, welcome to the EHC, can you tell us about yourself?

Born and raised in Brussels, I’m the proud father of two teenagers. I studied economics but then decided to turn a woodworking hobby into a job and started cabinet making training. I was enjoying it but progress was not fast enough, and with a baby on the way I’ve decided to get a ‘real’ job as an accountant. I’ve worked for different industries before getting to know the international association world. Working for a cause was rewarding, and from then on I’ve always worked and grown within NGOs. As a generalist, I had the chance to serve organisations fighting for social justice, democracy, health, biodiversity, and sustainability…I feel very lucky to be able to work for a patients’ coalition now.

What attracted you to join the EHC?

Some years ago, I had the opportunity to work for another international association in the healthcare field. So the perspective of serving a patients’ coalition was therefore very attractive. The strong community and team’s commitment were also key aspect for me. As I’m used to working in larger teams, another interesting point was to lead a smaller team where I suppose we are even more all hands on deck and need even more creative solutions.

What are your main priorities at the EHC?

The very first priority is to establish priorities! To do so, I will consult and observe both internally and externally. Even if Rome wasn’t built in a day, some topics cannot suffer delays such as team and Steering Committee well-being and organisation of finances. Generally speaking, I see my role as serving different teams to make sure they can deliver our different ambitions. As a facilitator between different bodies of the organisation, my priorities will be established with this mindset and approach.

What do you enjoy doing outside work in your free time?

Recently, coaching a basketball team took a lot of my free time but I love to convey knowledge and values and it is immensely rewarding to see a bunch of kids becoming skilled and smart in this game. Another interest, sometimes close to obsession, is chess: I’m good enough to understand I’m quite a poor player, but I still love it. I have this project in the countryside with my partner where we have a million ideas to develop, amongst these, I will enjoy a nice woodworking workshop, and I’m looking forward to going back into this meditative and creative activity.