We are happy to introduce you to Shinoh Lee, EHC Team Manager. Shinoh joined the EHC in February 2023 with experience and skills in operations, knowledge architecture and large-scale international project management. Here below we give you a quick interview with Shinoh so that you can learn more about her and her background.

Shinoh, welcome to the EHC, can you tell us about yourself?

Sure! – I grew up in a rural area in Korea. I came to Belgium in 2000 and worked in various service industries gaining experience as a project manager and operations director. For over 15 years, I was involved in linguistic quality control of large-scale international student assessments – I know, it’s a mouthful. Right before joining EHC, I had just started learning the fundamentals of data science. I live in Brussels with my husband, two kids, and a dog. What else… I like discovering new things and trying out new ways of doing things. I believe that humour is very important in life. A sense of humour is something I try not to lose, no matter what happens.

What attracted you to join the EHC?

My dad was a veterinarian and I often watched him perform medical interventions. From early in life the field of medicine and life science have fascinated me. When I came across the job description posted by EHC, I immediately got hooked. A friend of mine who works for a patient organisation told me that EHC has a stellar reputation for its innovative and well-structured way of working. Serving people and contributing to a good cause, as part of a high-performing team, seemed like a golden opportunity to me.

What are your main priorities at the EHC?

In fact, my number one priority at this point is defining priorities for the coming weeks. So at this point, in my first week, I am meeting with every member of the team. The primary focus of these one-to-one meetings is to get to know the team members on a personal level. We share what hobbies or interests we have, how our families are doing, and how life is for them at the moment. I also ask about their main tasks, their personal needs and the needs of the team – in their opinion. Once I’ve met with all of them, I’ll consolidate the information, suggestions and ideas which will enable me to define our priorities. Then I’ll work on a plan to address those.

From my initial conversations, it seems to me that there are two aspects of priorities emerging – the first one is the human aspect, relating to group dynamics and interactions and the second one is ‘reviewing working practices’ which involves streamlining procedures and the flow of communication.

What do you enjoy doing outside work in your free time?

I am a huge film fan. I really enjoy watching films and series. From time to time, I play the piano. I usually play easy classical pieces. I’m not terribly talented in music and don’t practice much, but somehow playing the piano has an incredible healing effect on me. I do have non-sedentary hobbies too – dancing. I recently started learning hip-hop and ballet. These two totally different styles appealed to me a lot. So, I decided to give it a try – despite the extreme rigidity of my body!