We are delighted to introduce you to Zita Gacser, EHC Think Tank Officer. Zita joins Naja Skouw-Rasmussen in the Think Tank team and will be responsible for communications activities related to the Think Tank, supporting the development of the EHCucate app and supporting hybrid events. 

Zita, can you tell us about yourself?
I originally come from Hungary, but my studies in International Relations brought me from the Hungarian countryside to the heart of Europe. I have always enjoyed living and working in a multicultural environment, and also in college, I enjoyed the company of international students. My studies brought me to Kortrijk in Belgium, where I spent a semester during an Erasmus exchange programme, and as a result, besides speaking Hungarian and English, I also speak Dutch.

Since arriving in Brussels, I have worked for various international membership-based organisations. After graduating, I did a three-month internship, then another one which led to a temporary contract and my first work experience in event management. As I enjoyed event organisation, my next permanent role and the last one before joining EHC were in event management, but I also have experience in communications and project management.

What attracted you to join EHC?
I find work rewarding if I can go to bed knowing that my work made a difference. I find solace in knowing that I have contributed to a good cause and that my work can help improve other people’s lives. This is why I have a strong preference for working for non-profits. Another activity outside of the EHC is to provide health coaching to the general public. Improving patients’ quality of life, access to care, and promoting patients’ rights are, therefore, all objectives I can very much align with.

In addition to that, the EHC seemed like a workplace where I could combine my educational background in international relations, my experience in working for membership-based organisations, my passion for physical and mental health, and my interest in social psychology.

Last but not least, the EHC is a people-oriented organisation that genuinely cares: about the well-being of patients, members, employees, and volunteers alike.

What are some of your most significant projects and priorities at EHC?
As a Think Tank Officer, I work alongside Naja Skouw-Rasmussen on all Think Tank-related activities, including website management, member support, communications, and logistics of all Think Tank events. In addition to the Think Tank activities, I am also supporting other projects, including the quality control and content management of the EHCucate Educational App and the organisation of hybrid events.

Can you tell us something about yourself that you enjoy doing in your free time?
As the saying goes, “you can’t pour from an empty cup”, and so I dedicate the little free time I have to personal development and self-care, either in the form of working out at the gym, going for a run or long walk in nature, or reading a good book. Travelling and discovering new destinations is another passion I could not do much of these past two years due to all the lockdowns, so I cannot wait to be back on the road again!

Thank you Zita for the interview and welcome to the EHC team!