It is with great sadness that the EHC has learned about the passing of Dr Theis Bacher on March 13th 2020.

Theis Bacher was heavily involved in the Danish NMO – Danmarks Bløderforening – for many years, where his national community benefitted from both his professional experience as a doctor and his personal experience as a patient. Theis combined his educational and personal experience by conducting the first life-long study of patients with bleeding disorders in Denmark in 1980, a pivotal and fundamental piece of work highlighting the importance of treatment for people with bleeding disorders.

He was also a well-respected member of the European community, with the EHC fortunate to have Theis serve as an EHC Steering Committee for a number of years. The Steering Committee and broader bleeding disorder community greatly valued his knowledge, support and sense of humour.

Theis was an incredible person with a wealth of knowledge about people with bleeding disorders, treatment, data collection and research, always succeeding in explaining complex issues in a way his peers could understand.

His experience of life with a bleeding disorder encapsulated the challenges our community has faced for over 40 years with was always met with good grace, resilience and perseverance representing the best interests of his peers and the community at all times. His impact on those around him will last well into the future.

On behalf of the entire EHC community we extend our deepest and heartfelt condolences to the his family at this difficult time.