Panagiotis (Panos) Christoforou – EHC Co-opted Steering Committee Member
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Panagiotis (Panos) Christoforou, originating from Cyprus, is a Cypriot Greek with a profound commitment to the field of haematology. Born in Paphos, Cyprus, Panos encountered the challenges of severe Haemophilia A during his formative years. After an initial period of struggle without a diagnosis, he sought medical assistance in London, UK, where he was finally informed of his condition and initiated prophylactic treatment.

Motivated by the firsthand experience of witnessing the difficulties faced by both himself and his family in dealing with the diagnosis and the associated psychological burdens, Panos resolved to dedicate his professional endeavours to the field of medicine. He has become a haematologist, driven by a vision to transform the landscape of haemophilia and rare bleeding disorders, advocating for equitable treatment and universal access to care. His overarching goal is to institute a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach that encompasses both patients and their caregivers.

Panos’s commitment to advancing the cause of haemophilia extends beyond his clinical pursuits. He currently serves as a member of the Youth Leadership Advisory Committee for the term 2022-2024 of the World Federation of Haemophilia (WFH). Furthermore, his dedication is reflected in his longstanding association with his Greek National Member Organisation (NMO) since 2016. Elected to the board for the term 2021-2023, he played a pivotal role in establishing the Youth Group, focusing on promoting physical exercise and overall well-being among patients with haemophilia. This initiative is emblematic of his passion for nature and mountaineering.

In essence, Panos exemplifies a commendable fusion of personal experience and professional commitment, contributing significantly to the advancement and well-being of individuals affected by bleeding disorders.