Welcome to the resource page for people with Von Willebrand Disease. Here, you will find additional resources from the video developed by EHC for World Haemophilia Day 2022 to raise awareness about issues faced by people with Von Willebrand Disease.

Dr Allison Dougall, Assistant Professor and Consultant in Dental Science, Member of the EHC MASAG, Ireland.

What percentage of people with Von Willebrand Disease (VWD) report problems with oral bleeding?

  • Read the article on ‘Dental Management of patients with inherited bleeding disorders: a multidisciplinary approach.’ General Dentistry, November/December 2017.
  • Watch the webinar on ‘Dental care for people with bleeding disorders during COVID-19 – What has changed?’ A webinar organised by the World Federation of Hemophilia in June 2020.
  • Try out the EHC educational app on novel therapies in haemophilia and other rare bleeding disorders, EHCucate.

Debra Pollard, Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Member of the EHC MASAG, United Kingdom.

Should all patients with VWD try DDAVP as a treatment?

  • Consult the international guideline on the diagnosis of Von Willebrand Disease produced jointly by the American Society of Hematology (ASH), the International Society for Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH), the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) and the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH). Blood Advances, 2021.
  • Consult the WFH VWD resource centre.
  • Try out the EHC app on novel therapies, EHCucate.

Paul McLaughlin, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Haemophilia, United Kingdom

What percentage of patients with VWD report joint bleeding?

  • Read the article ‘Changes in bleeding patterns in Von Willebrand Disease after institution of long-term replacement therapy: Results from the Von Willebrand Disease Prophylaxis Network.’ Blood Coagulation Fibrinolysis, June 2015.
  • Read the article on ‘Long-term impact of joint bleeds in Von Willebrand Disease: A nested case-control study.’ Haematologica, September 2017.
  • Read the article on ‘Translating the success of prophylaxis in haemophilia to Von Willebrand Disease.’ Thrombosis Research, March 2021.
  • Read the article ‘Joint bleeds in Von Willebrand Disease patients have a significant impact on quality of life and joint integrity: A cross-sectional study.’ Haemophilia, May 2015.
  • Try out the EHC app on novel therapies, EHCucate.