Welcome to the resource page for women affected by bleeding disorders. Here, you will find additional resources from the video developed by EHC for World Haemophilia Day 2022 to raise awareness about issues faced by women and bleeding disorders.

Diana Lighezan, Haematologist in training, member of the EHC Steering Committee, Romania.

In terms of rare bleeding disorders, how important is an early and accurate diagnosis?

  • Take the EHC Women and Bleeding Disorders Diagnosis Quiz.
  • Read the article ‘Women and Bleeding Disorders: Diagnostic challenges.’ ASH Education Program, 2020.
  • Try out the EHC educational app on novel therapies in haemophilia and other rare bleeding disorders, EHCucate.

Willie Greevenbroek, Nurse Practitioner, The Netherlands.

What can be done to prepare a girl with bleeding disorders for her first period?

  • Inform yourself about what ‘abnormal’ periods look like at the ‘Know your flow’ website.
  • Consult the ‘Let’s Talk Period’ website.
  • Download the ‘Blood Sisterhood’ app.
  • Assess your period flow with this self-administered bleeding assessment tool.
  • Try out the EHC app on novel therapies, EHCucate.

Naja Skouw-Rasmussen, Patient with Von Willebrand Disease, Denmark

What resources would you advise to a woman with bleeding disorders thinking of starting a family and becoming pregnant?

  • Read about pregnancy in women with bleeding disorders—a resource from the Irish Haemophilia Society.
  • Consult the European Principles of Care for Women and Girls with Bleeding Disorders. Jointly developed by the EHC and the European Association for Haemophilia and Allied Disorders (EAHAD) and published in Haemophilia, August 2021.
  • Check out the advice given by the Canadian Haemophilia Society to pregnant women with bleeding disorders.
  • Read the article ‘How I manage pregnancy in carriers of haemophilia and patients with Von Willebrand Disease,’ published in Blood, November 2020.
  • Read about the UK Haemophilia Society ‘Talking Red’ campaign.
  • Try out the EHC app on novel therapies, EHCucate.