Thomas Sannié – Steering Committee Member
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Declaration of interests

Thomas Sannié is the former President of the Association française des hémophiles (2012-2018) and its Honorary President. He is a member of the EHC Steering Committee. He is chairman of the Afath program in collaboration with the World Federation of Hemophilia to develop access to care and patient organization in French-speaking countries in Africa. He is a former lawyer.

Today, Thomas designs partnership projects between patients and healthcare providers for hospitals or medical teams. He has worked for more than 13 years on educational programs for patients with chronic diseases and rare bleeding disorders. He has engaged in several pilot programs with universities to train young medical students and acquire educational skills. Thomas Sannié is a former member of the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) Board (2010-2014), and currently, he is a member of several WFH committees.

Thomas is now a member of different boards in French organizations such as the French Blood Agency, the Patient engagement committee of the French High Authority of health and the National School of Public Health.