With shock and great sadness, the EHC learned of the passing of Viktor Paskalev (1964-2024) on 24 April. He was the father of a son with severe haemophilia, and was one of the most active volunteers of the Bulgarian Haemophilia Association, the EHC Bulgarian NMO, for more than 20 years.

Chairman of the Management Board of the Association for the last 10 years, he devoted his professional expertise, time, and energy to work dedicated to a better future for people with haemophilia in Bulgaria.

Working tirelessly to improve diagnosis, access to treatment, and management of this rare disease, he contributed to the growth of a generation of active followers and like-minded people in their common struggle for a better life and future for the Bulgarian haemophilia community.

Viktor was a very active member of the community of patient organisations in Bulgaria. He initiated the unification of over 80 organisations under the umbrella organisation called NPO (National Patient Organisation) gaining national recognition and representation.

Open and honest to the point of pain, a friend always true to his word, he helped many people, and we are confident that his work will be continued.

Farewell to Viktor, he will be remembered and kept in our hearts!