Every year on April 17, the rare bleeding disorders community worldwide marks World Haemophilia Day. This commemoration is an opportunity to raise awareness about the needs of those affected by rare bleeding disorders. In 2023, we focus ‘On a Pathway Towards Healthy Ageing’, a theme that is equally important for all groups of our community.

During the course of the week, we will address different aspects of the topic:

On Monday watch the address from Declan Noone, EHC President here above and on EHC social media. Check out the outcomes from the EHC needs assessment survey with the bleeding disorder patients aged 50+ here:


On Tuesday we focus on multidisciplinary care and discuss the importance and access to multidisciplinary care as the life expectancy of people living with bleeding disorders has reached that of the general population. To set the scene, we invite you to watch the video from our recent webinar ‘On a Pathway Towards Healthy Ageing: Importance of Multidisciplinary Care and Coordination’. Our speakers Dr Kate Khair and Prof Cedric Hermans discussed challenges and considerations from the perspectives of nursing care and haematology.

To offer you a deeper insight into the broad spectrum of issues that links to the multidisciplinary care of people living with a bleeding disorder, we have selected a few materials from our series ‘Happy ½ Hour with an Expert in Haemophilia Care’ which focuses on multidisciplinary care for people with inhibitors as all of these – psychosocial care, pain management, and dental care – are highly relevant for people living with all bleeding disorders in their ageing process. 

On Wednesday join our webinar on liver health to mark World Liver Day 2023! The discussion  ‘On a Pathway Towards Healthy Ageing: Liver Health’ features Declan Noone (moderator), Brian O’Mahony (Ireland), Clive Smith (UK), and Prof Vincenzo La Mura (Italy). The recording of the webinar is available on the EHC Youtube channel and EASL Campus.

Thursday is our peertopeer day with an online discussion with the community on the topic ‘What does healthy ageing mean for you?’ Find out the gallery here!

On Friday we are happy to present the latest collaboration of the EHC with the documentary director Goran Kapetanovic the trailer of the film ‘On a Pathway Towards Healthy Ageing’ accompanied by an invitation to the premiere of the film in the European Parliament in June 2023 – watch here

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