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The European Haemophilia Consortium Welcomes You

The EHC is looking for a new colleague

27 October 2014

The EHC is looking for a project consultant that will be working jointly for the EHC and the European Association of Haemophilia and Allied Disorders (EAHAD). If you are interested, please contact Amanda Bok (Write us a e-mail amanda.bok-Entfernen Sie diesen The full job description can be found here (121 KB).

EHC Medical Advisory Group Member awarded with Grande Ipocrate

24 October 2014

Prof Flora Peyvandi from the IRCCS Ca’ Granda, Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico in Milan, Italy and member of the EHC Medical Advisory Group was awarded earlier in October the Grande Ipocrate Award for her research in the field of rare bleeding disorders.

The award was created in 2008 from a collaboration between the Italian UNAMSI, the National Union for Medical Scientific Information and Novartis and ran its sixth edition. The award aims at promoting first class scientists who are not only at the forefront of research but have also the ability to disseminate these scientific findings to the wider public through various communication media. 

Please join the EHC in congratulating Prof Peyvandi's achievement.

EHC Annual Conference 2014 Evaluation: now available online

8 October 2014

Delegates who have attended the EHC 2014 Annual Conference and have not had the opportunity to complete their evaluation forms in their delegate packs, can now do the evaluation online via Survey Monkey. The Evaluation is composed of 10 questions and takes approximately 5 minutes to fill in. The EHC would like to thank all participants taking part in the evaluation.

EHC General Assembly selects new logo to mark the organisation's 25th anniversary

8 October 2014

During its last Annual Meeting held on Sunday 5 October, the EHC General Assembly selected a new logo to mark its 25th anniversary and the modernisation of the Organisation. The EHC visual identify will be updated with the new logo in the upcoming weeks.

EHC hosts its Annual General Assembly

6 October 2014

Following the European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC) 27th Annual Conference, the EHC held its Annual General Assembly. The EHC is pleased to announce the following decisions taken by its members:

  • The EHC welcomes the Public Association 'Community of handicapped - Haemophiliacs' from the Kyrgyz Republic as its 45th member.
  • The EHC congratulates Mr Jordan Nedevski from the Bulgarian National Member Organisation (NMO) for his re-election as EHC Vice-President Finance.
  • The EHC congratulates the Norwegian NMO for winning the bid to host the 2016 Annual Conference. The event will be held in Stavanger, Norway.
  • The EHC congratulates the Greek NMO for winning the 'survey raffle'. The raffle is open to all NMOs taking part in EHC surveys.

During the Annual General Assembly, the EHC also announced the dates of its 2015 activities:

  • Round Tables (held in Brussels, Belgium):
    • 2 March on 'Adverse Events and Inhibitors'
    • 15 June on 'Tenders and Procurement'
    • 12 October on 'Mild Haemophilia'
  • Workshops:
    • 3-5 July 'Youth Workshop' (location to be determined)
    • 11-13 September 'HTA and Economics' (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation)
    • 20-22 November 'New Technologies' (location to be determined)
  • The theme of World Haemophilia Day 2015 will be 'Tenders and Procurement'
  • The EHC will carry out a survey to review the state of haemophilia care in Europe (follow-up to the survey 'State of Haemophilia Care in 35 countries')
  • The EHC 2015 Annual Conference will be held on 2-3 October 2015 in Belgrade, Serbia. The conference will be preceded by a two-day Leadership Conference open to all EHC NMOs.

Additional details on all of these events will be posted on the EHC website and Facebook page and will be sent directly to the EHC Membership. For additional details, please contact Laura Savini at the EHC office (Write us a e-mail laura.savini-Entfernen Sie diesen or +32.893.24.73)

About the EHC

The EHC is an umbrella patient association of 44 national haemophilia associations in Europe. In this website you will find more about the bleeding disorders, about the mission and activities of the EHC, about its members and much more.

EHC Headquarters: rue de l'Industrie/ Nijverheidsstraat 10, 1000 Brussels, Belgium, tel: +32.(0)2.893.24.70 Write us a e-mail office-Entfernen Sie diesen