The European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC) has released its December 2015 Newsletter.

In this issue:

Pg 04: President and CEO Report  
Pg 06: EHC News
Pg 06: Physiotherapy in the comprehensive care of haemophilia
Pg 09: Gynaecology and Obstetrics in the Comprehensive Care of Haemophilia
Pg 13: Key messages from the EHC Annual Conference in Belgrade
Pg 17: Addressing the needs of those living with inhibitors
Pg 19: Women in the bleeding disorders community
Pg 22: EHC Leadership Conference – Facilitators’ perspective
Pg 24: EHC Leadership Conference – Participants’ perspective
Pg 27: EHC 2015 Annual Conference, Belgrade, Serbia
Pg 28: EHC Conference Stavanger 2016
Pg 29: Together through the jungle of economics and access to treatment products
Pg 30: EHC New Technologies Workshop – looking on the horizon for novel treatment in haemophilia
Pg 35: Mild and moderate haemophilia beats Brussels lockdown
Pg 36: EHC Youth Committee welcomes new members from France, Serbia and Slovakia
Pg 38: NMO News 
Pg 38: NMO Profile: Blæðarafélag Íslands – the EHC Icelandic National Member Organisation
Pg 40: NMO Profile: עלה – עמותה לחולי המופיליה – the EHC Israeli National Member Organisation
Pg 41: Meet Barry Flynn: New Chair of the UK Haemophilia Society
Pg 42: Polish Ministry of Health updates the hepatitis C Drug Programme
Pg 43: Recent advances in haemophilia care in Romania
Pg 44: The Danish Haemophilia Society launches a national telemedicine project
Pg 45: Results of a survey among German haemophilia on extended half-life (EHL) products
Pg 49: Latvia Haemophilia Society receives recognition from Ombudsman
Pg 50: Cycling to Stavanger: eight Dutch volunteers will cycle 900 km ahead of the EHC 2016 Annual Conference
Pg 53: New York Marathon: Eight Italians with haemophilia cross the finish line
Pg 55: Feature Articles   
Pg 55: Latvia receives valuable EAHAD-EHC-WFH expert advice
Pg 57: Estonian patients with bleeding disorders need an inter-hospital comprehensive treatment centre
Pg 59: Researcher spotlight: Dr Gianluigi Pasta
Pg 61: Checkmate on haemophilia: identifying the real cost of haemophilia with the CHESS study
Pg 63: Living with haemophilia: A documentary film by Goran Kapetanovic
Pg 64: Making Treatment for All a reality
Pg 66: News from our corporate partners  
Pg 66: Baxter’s BioScience becomes Baxalta
Pg 68: Partnering to Change the World for People with Haemophilia – Pfizer
Pg 70: Second Youth Debate held during EHC Annual Conference – Sobi
Pg 72: Hemophilia Lead by Bayer
Pg 73: CSL Behring: Driven by Its Promise to Patients
Pg 74: Innovation takes action – Novo Nordisk
Pg 75: BIOTEST AG supports ‘Project Recovery’
Pg 75: uPatient & uClinics Hemophilia – Grifols
Pg 76: Announcements 
Pg 76: EHC Calendar of Events
Pg 76: Other Events
Pg 77: Publications
Pg 78: EHC 2016 Annual Conference – Preliminary Programme