The European Haemophilia Consortium is excited to announce the launch of EHConversations, informative talks that are patient-focused.

Hepatitis C Series

Coming soon. The publication of the second series focuses on Hepatitis C and haemophilia from both patient and expert point of view.

Gene Therapy Series

The publication of the first series focuses on gene therapy and haemophilia from both patient and expert points of view. The five-part series has been created to help patients and the general public understand and demystify some of the concepts related to gene therapy in haemophilia.

This series is the first major piece of patient-focused discussion and education about gene therapy and haemophilia.

What is gene therapy? with Prof. Flora Peyvandi

An overview in gene therapy for haemophilia A and B with Dr. Paul Giangrande

How does a clinical trial in gene therapy for haemophilia work? with Dr. Dan Hart

Safety and gene therapy with Prof. Michael Makris

Gene therapy: A patient’s perspective with Jack Grehan

Women and Bleeding Disorders Series

In May 2019, the EHC released its movie “Women and Bleeding Disorders: Untold Stories.” This movie highlights the plight of women with bleeding disorders in Europe. As a follow-up, and to raise awareness amongst the general public and facilitate advocacy work, the EHC developed five short clips on common issues faced by women with bleeding disorders such as


Dental problems,

Dealing with heavy menstruation,

Challenges regarding fertility and family planning, and

The importance of a peer-support network.