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About the EHC Leadership Conference

What: Leadership Conference

When: On 20-23 June 2019

Where: Brussels, Belgium

Language: English with live Russian interpretation

For whom: Open to EHC National Member Organisations (NMOs) only

For more information: Write to Kristine Jansone (kristine.jansone@ehc.eu)

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The purpose of the EHC Leadership Conference is to bring together the full EHC community through different key leaders and staff from within your patients’ communities to exchange and engage on shared issues and challenges.

The objective of this conference is to be as interactive and engaging as possible, and to provide you – our members – enough time to discuss the issues that matter to you and to benefit from each other’s strengths, experiences and best practices.

In the programme this year: EHC update, new developments in haemophilia treatment and access to the novel therapies, management of funds and volunteers, discussion about VWD and much more.

NMOs may send up to three representatives to take part in the EHC Leadership Conference 2019 20 – 23 June 2019 in Brussels, Belgium.

Registration – EXTENDED DEADLINE!!!

To register, please kindly contact your NMO found HERE. The registration deadline is May 15.

We kindly invite you to send up to 3 representatives, ideally  from the below categories:

  • One senior NMO leader (e.g. President, Vice-President, etc.)
  • One young NMO leader (up to 30 years) who is committed to your NMO (e.g. youth group, etc.), for example this might be the person you nominated for the EHC’s Youth Leadership Workshop, or it could be another young person.
  • One paid staff person – if you have such a position – this person should be involved in high-level decision-making or programmes (e.g. CEO, Director, Communications or Programmes Manager) and should not be a person on a specific service contract such as accountants, office assistants, etc.

We are aware however, that these categories are limiting and therefore we will leave the NMOs the choice to send the representatives who will benefit from the Leadership Conference the most and through that bring added value to the NMO, judging by the programme proposed.

In order to ensure the continuity of the discussions taking place at the Leadership Conference, we would like to encourage the NMOs to nominate the same people that have already attended the EHC Leadership Conferences of the previous years where appropriate and beneficial to the organisation.


These expenses will be reimbursed according to the EHC travel reimbursement policy, which is briefly outlined in the following paragraph.

We ask our participants to take care of their own travel arrangements and we take care of the accommodation booking. Travel will be reimbursed after the event, only if the volunteer attends the event. This is why we strongly suggest that you purchase travel insurance when purchasing your flights in case of last minute cancellation. If your volunteer does not attend the event, we will also invoice the hotel bill to your NMO if we cannot use the room for other participants or cancel it for free.

Additionally, please note that we will only reimburse up to the amount provided by our Conference Organiser, Niav Miller. Niav will get in touch with you and your volunteer to give the budget for which we will reimburse your travel. If you cannot find travel for the given budget please get back in touch with Niav and inform her of this, she will re-evaluate the costWe will NOT reimburse travel that is above the budget limits provided by Niav, so it is very important that, if you cannot find travel arrangements for the given amount, you contact Niav for support with this.

Finally, we only cover for economy class fares and our policy is to prioritise cheapest flights, airlines and public transport over taxis for transfers between airport and event venues. If for some reason (e.g. disability, very late or very early arrival or departure) you cannot take public transport, please let us know in advance. We will not systematically reimburse taxi fares and therefore it is important that you tell us if you plan on taking a taxi and why. If you take a taxi unexpectedly due to unforeseen reasons, please give us your reason when submitting the taxi receipt.


Belgium has established strict rules and immigration laws, some of which have been adopted in the Schengen policies, common for all Schengen member states, for those wishing to enter its territory.

Belgium, as a member state of the Schengen Area, permits the nationals of 62 countries of the visa-waiver program to enter its territory without the need to obtain a visa first.

According to Belgium short-stay entry rules, the residents of the 62 countries are permitted to enter the Belgium visa-free and remain there for a period of 90 days within six months. During this period, visitors are not permitted to work, but they can engage in business. The countries that are included under the visa-waiver programme can be found here.

If your country does not fall under the visa-waiver programme (listed here), the citizens of which must obtain a visa previous to their trip to the Belgium. The application process for a Belgium visa includes gathering the required visa documents, attending an interview, paying the visa fee, and waiting for a decision on their application.

Please note that it can take up to eight weeks or longer to process a visa application and early application is recommended.

Please also note that the Organising Committee, or its agents, cannot accept any responsibility in connection with visa applications and the normal cancellation policy, for registration fees and hotel deposits, will apply in the event that a delegate is unable to attend the conference due to late submission of their visa application and/or rejection of same.

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