When: 16-19 June 2022

Where: Brussels, Belgium

Language: English with Russian interpretation, based on participant’s needs.

Objective: The objective of the EHC Leadership Conference remains to provide our members time to discuss the issues that matter to them and to benefit from each other’s strengths, experiences and best practices, as well as to still do it so with the usual interactive and engaging elements to the extent possible.

For whom: EHC membership only – up to 3 representatives, ideally from the below categories:

  • One senior NMO leader (e.g. President, Vice-President, etc.)
  • One young NMO leader (up to 30 years) who is committed to your NMO (e.g. youth group, etc.), for example this might be the person you sent or wanted to send to the EHC’s Youth Leadership Workshop, or it could be another young person.
  • One paid staff person (e.g. CEO, Director, Communications or Programmes Manager)


  • Anyone that NMO finds the Leadership Conference will be useful for, judging by the programme

We are aware that these categories are limiting and therefore we will leave the NMOs the choice to send the representatives who will benefit from the Leadership Conference the most and through that bring added value to the NMO.

Registration: The registration for the Leadership Conference IS NOW OPEN and will be closed on Sunday, 15 May! To register, please contact your NMO.

More information: For any further details, please reach out to Kristine Jansone.

Programme: Please see the draft programme below.