The results of the SIPPET (Survey of Inhibitors in Plasma-Products Exposed Toddlers) study were published this week as a conference abstract  in the Journal ‘Blood’ in advance of a presentation at the plenary session of the American Society of Haematology conference.

SIPPET was a randomised study, which took place between January 2010 and December 2014, and included data on 251 people with severe haemophilia A from 14 countries in Africa, North and South America, Asia, and Europe.

The purpose of the study was to compare the incidence of factor VIII inhibitors with plasma derived factor VIII concentrates, versus recombinant factor VIII concentrates in previously untreated patients (PUPs) with severe haemophilia.

From this study, the risk of developing an  inhibitor when using recombinant factors was 87% higher than when using plasma derived factor concentrates. EHC will keep you informed of any further developments related to this issue.